Road to Revilla






Descent: 30´. Ascent: 45´. Elevation: 280 mts.


From Escuaín , you return to Puértolas and after 1 km, just inside the gorge de la Fuente , a path starts on the left that descends close to the ravine.


After 30′ you reach the Yaga river , and at this point the end of the gorge. Going upriver for a few minutesyou can see a beautiful waterfall. The road crosses the river and ascends to the village of Revilla . (2h 30′ to Revilla and the same back).

CAMINO A REVILLA1 - Road to Revilla
CAMINO A REVILLA2 - Road to Revilla
CAMINO A REVILLA3 - Road to Revilla