Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail)



Ascent: 2h 45´from La Pradera. Descent: 1h 45´. Elevation 450 mts.. Difficulty: Medium.


From La Pradera (1300m) exit toward the east on the main road along the valley floor, ignoring a turnoff to the right which leads to the Faja de Pelay ( Hunters Trail) . The road runs close to the river and is a pleasant journey. After 35′ you find the Arripas waterfall , and 5′ later La Cueva , 10′ further up and the most spectacular of all, the cascada del Estrecho (45′ from La Pradera).


From there you ascend through a well known forest of beech trees. The beech slowly thins out giving way to some bushes and finally to alpine meadows. After 2 hours you reach the Gradas de Soaso , a beautiful series of cascading waterfalls and a sight to behold.


After 2h 45′ you reach the end Circo de Soaso and the Cola de Caballo waterfall. Surrounding the Circo the Tres Sorores , rise crowned by the massif of Monte Perdido ( 3355 mts.). From the Cola de Caballo you can ascend to the Goriz refuge, the starting point for climbing Monte Perdido or the Brecha de Roland.

COLA DE CABALLO1 - Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail)
COLA DE CABALLO2 - Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail)
COLA DE CABALLO3 GRADAS DE SOASO - Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail)